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Bowling Green Ams

Bowling Green Ams

David Wiggins Jr who was the odds on favorite to win the Amateur Championship at Bowling Green was able to keep the momentum moving forward shooting a 1016 rated round at Hobson Grove this morning. Also keeping forward momentum was the B pool's Trey Williams as he qualified for the final four spots. The younger Wiggins also demonstrated his mastery of the long drive during the final nine winning the title by a total of seven throws. Matt Travis from Illinois was the runner up.

It was Moving Day today in Bowling Green and today's action lived up to expectations.

In the Advanced field North Carolina's David Wiggins was behind by two throws and now leads Bowling Green's Jon Millay by a throw. Friday's leader Matt Travis is currently tied for third only four throws back. Trey Williams of Greensboro, North Carolina is also making a run for one the the coveted spots in the finals. He is technically tied for second according to par but has to play Phil Moore park which is listed as par 59 compared to the A pools round at Hobson Grove which is listed at par 55.

The Amateur Championship at Bowling Green officially started today at 2pm Central time. There were over 450 amateurs in attendance representing 28 different states. Bowling Green is an ideal place to host an event of this magnitude because of the ideal geographic location (approximately 65% of the US population is within a day's drive) and the fact that it has more than a dozen courses capable of challenging the country's top amateurs.

Wiggins and Top Ams Converge on Western Kentucky for the Amateur Championship at Bowling Green