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Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championship

Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Championship

The 2013 Tim Selinske United States Masters Championships came to a close today, and it was obvious that Tim was smiling down on the players as the rain held off for most of the day.  And the winners are…

After escaping remnants of Hurricane Isaac most of the weekend, the players in the Tim Selinske U.S. Masters Disc Golf Championship had to play out their last few holes in the rain. Condsidering that the forecast called for downpours all weekend, everyone was extremely pleased to only have to endure an hour or so of drizzle.

Ske would have loved it. Iffy weather, challenging courses, a relatively unknown player charging hard, the usual suspects lurking in the wings. Just a great day at the IDGC.

Players arrived at the park for the first of two rounds going out at 9:00 am. The sky was cloudy, forecast for some sort of precipitation during the day. The sound of chains ringing sifted through the forest back up to the clubhouse area. Just another day in disc golf paradise. The reality of a grueling day had set in, but the mood was up and everyone was in high gear.