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Day Two: US Masters

Ske would have loved it. Iffy weather, challenging courses, a relatively unknown player charging hard, the usual suspects lurking in the wings. Just a great day at the IDGC.

Players arrived at the park for the first of two rounds going out at 9:00 am. The sky was cloudy, forecast for some sort of precipitation during the day. The sound of chains ringing sifted through the forest back up to the clubhouse area. Just another day in disc golf paradise. The reality of a grueling day had set in, but the mood was up and everyone was in high gear.

Patrick Brown, that relatively unknown from San Francisco, threw another hot round, this time on the Jackson course and maintained his lead over Barry Schultz. His 1042 rated round of 60 was again the best of the day so far, and at the lunch break he was on the top of the heap.

The time may have begun to turn in the afternoon round on the Headrick course, though, as, under continually threatening skies, Brown’s lead eroded under the onslaught of Brock Woodall’s 51, followed by Jay Reading and Ron Silliman at 53, and Barry Schultz, Brad Hammock, Phil Arthur, and Ron Convers at 54.  Brown limped in with a 58 and sat with a much slimmer 2 throw lead over Schultz.  The Pro Masters move back to the grueling Jackson course for the final round on Sunday morning.

The Grandmasters battle saw Gregg Hosfeld increase his lead to 5 throws over Tim Keith, while Rick Voakes held a similar lead over Snapper Pierson in the Senior Grandmaster division.

Advanced Masters leader Keith Mahan ended the day a slim two throws ahead of Jack Hicks with David Gebhardt and Chad Rickel just behind. Tina Hicks led the Advanced Masters Women as the day closed.

The Advanced Grandmasters division has Paul Wright with the widest lead after the second day, being out in front by 6 over Jack Korn.

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After much huffing and puffing, the skies cleared as the second round of the day finished and players enjoyed a great Southern barbecue and live music before heading off to rest up, lick wounds, and generally prepare for the last round, to be played on Sunday morning.




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