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Beaver State Fling

The Beaver State Fling has produced some of the most dramatic moments and memories throughout the entire history of the PDGA National Tour. 

If you were to create a recipe for an ideal disc golf event, you would start with a venue that combines groomed fairways, fairytale woods, and the gentle splashing of a trout river to provide the soothing sound bed background.  Then you would mix in a dedicated staff of volunteers, who take their responsibilities seriously and are given the proper tools to execute a stellar operational game plan.  Finally, you would top the Frisbee feast with a generous amount of talented throwers who could provide the right mix of disc golf drama and a display of dynamic personalities to entertain the passionate legion of fans who would line the fairways throughout the weekend.  Once combined, this potent recipe for success would be nurtured and patiently allowed to rise, as the rest of the ravenous disc golf community stood by just waiting for their chance to immerse themselves in the banquet. 

There is no better example of how this disc golf recipe has been so delicately balanced and brought to the table of the PDGA National Tour Elite Series than with the Beaver State Fling to be played this weekend on the Clackamas River near Portland, Oregon. 

Considered by many to be the prime model for how a National Tour event should be run, the Beaver State Fling has created a gem of a tournament that features the twin courses of the Milo McIver State Park Riverbend complex.  Described by 12-time World Champion Ken Climo as one of the top three disc golf courses on the planet, the courses at Milo have set the stage for some of the most dramatic finishes in all of the sport.  Whether it was last year’s stunning victory by Christian Dietrich, where he matched Nikko Locastro and Nate Doss throw for throw, Ken Climo’s resounding seven-throw margin of victory in 2009, or the three-way sudden-death playoff between Avery Jenkins, David Feldberg and eventual winner Nate Doss in 2007, the Beaver State Fling has kept us engaged. 

One of the great stories of this year’s PDGA National Tour Elite Series has been the growing women’s open field, as well as the quality of women’s play.  Paige Pierce picked up her second win on the 2011 NT in Kansas City just two weeks ago, and she brings last year’s lead card experience with her back to this year’s Fling.  But this 19 year old will have familiar foes Valarie Jenkins, Des Reading, and Liz Lopez to contend with, as well as, emerging talents Sarah Hokom, Melody King, and Catrina Allen, who are primed to move up the leader board. 

This year’s Fling will feature all these perennial stars of disc golf in the nearly 150 player pro field.  But the roster goes way beyond a who’s who of disc golf, as many players are not only primed to play the Riverbend courses, but consider this PDGA NT Elite Series stop a great warm-up for the World Championships that will be held a coastline drive away in Santa Cruz, Northern California.  All-in-all, this year’s Beaver State Fling will continue to provide a menu for great disc golf in the great Northwest.
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