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2009 President's Cup Part 1 of 5

Welcome back to watch Presidents Cup, which held a day before European Open 2009 competition started. Europe vs. USA and both teams have 4 men and 2 women. First half of the course will be played as individual best shots. Second half is match play between numbered players. Holes 1 to 9 lowest score gets 4 points to his/her team. Fourth lowest score gets zero points to his/her team. First half we follow players: Nathan Doss, Avery Jenkins team USA. Jesper Lundmark, Markus Källström team Europe. Second half we'll be seeing Ken Climo, David Feldberg team USA. Timo Pursio, Karl Johan Nybo team Europe. JR filmed also womens game play and we'll be seeing later some nice slow motion caps. Video of the week for 2-15-2010.