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rookie of the year

rookie of the year

Ricky Wysocki #38008 and Catrina Allen #44184 continue to securely hold the top point totals for Male and Female Player of the Year, respectively. Paul McBeth #27523 and Paige Pierce #29190 each trail by around 100 points which will be tough to make up with the number of events remaining. But the races are not over yet since the points total is just one of the elements used for bonus points in the final calculation among the top point earners.

The PDGA Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year points have been updated for events processed through the December ratings update posted today. Paul McBeth #27523 continues his record breaking performance in 2015 with more points (412) than both of his closest contenders Ricky Wysocki #38008 (205) and Will Schusterick #29064 (203.7) combined. Chris Dickerson #62467 has a firm grip on Rookie of the Year honors also with double the points (65.5) of his closest contender, George Beno #49225 (28).

Player of the Year point standings for events reported by June 2nd show Paul McBeth #27523 with a commanding lead, earning 200 points versus Will Schusterick #29064 and Nikko Locastro #11534 in 2nd and 3rd with 78 and 65 points, respectively. Paige Pierce #29190 has a solid lead among women with 187 points followed by Catrina Allen #44184 and Valarie Jenkins #17495 with 117 and 100 points, respectively.

PDGA members playing in the Men’s and Women’s Open Pro divisions are eligible for Player of the Year awards by earning POY/ROY points based on their place of finish in PDGA B-Tiers and above.  Additional bonus points are earned by top ten finishers in categories such as Annual Rating, Total Earnings, Total Wins, Earnings Average, and Winning Average.