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In Ratings School - Leagues vs. Tournaments - Part 1, we broke down the common misconception that rounds played during a PDGA League generate lower round ratings when compared to rounds on the same course during a PDGA Tournament. In Part 2 we'll be looking at average league vs tournament round ratings for players over a longer period of time that includes more than just a single course comparison. Several higher rated players have suggested that the PDGA split the Player Ratings system into two separate entities: League Ratings and Tournament Ratings.

In 2012, the PDGA began a new program called PDGA Leagues in which disc golf clubs that were already running weekly leagues at their local courses could sanction their leagues with the PDGA. Although there are several benefits to PDGA Leagues, it's fair to say that the most appealing benefit is that rounds thrown by PDGA members will be counted towards their PDGA Player Rating. However, that same appealing factor is also the one that has sparked the most common misconception about PDGA Leagues; lower ratings at PDGA Leagues vs PDGA-sanctioned events, on the same courses. 

Photo of Dave West #752 on Hole 2 at White Birch in 1982.

The Midwest plays host to many of the top stops on the PDGA tour. With recent events like the Glass Blown Open and the Kansas City Wide Open attracting many of the world’s best players, it’s no surprise to find such a rich history of disc golf fellowship and tradition in the area. There’s no better example of this than the story of a course in the small town of Hazelwood, Missouri called White Birch, which, in its 36th year this summer, is celebrating its 100th league.

March is upon us and Spring is soon to follow. What better way to kick off spring than to start a PDGA Sanctioned League at your home course?  We are set and ready to roll in March. Is your club ready?