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Texas State Championships

Texas State Championships

Anyone that checked the weather forecast last night was probably not looking forward to the final round of the Texas State Championships today at Old Settlers' Park. The wind was somehow forecasted to  be even stronger than the first round on Friday, but with the added punishment of colder temperatures and potential precipitation. Thankfully the rain never showed up, but the continuous 25mph-30mph wind ensured that even the most seasoned competitors would never have an easy drive, approach, or putt.

When we arrived at Old Settlers' Park this morning for the second round of the 2014 Texas State Championships, we knew we'd be in for an interesting morning to say the least. Typically when we get to the park in the morning to set up the tents, PA system, and feather banners, the only people around are the tournament staff and the grandmasters warming up on the course. What we saw instead as we winded around the park heading towards tournament central was an absurd amount of pedestrians walking the paths that meander through the fairways of the course.

"That's ridiculous..." was the most common phrase overheard if you were hanging out near where the players turned in their scorecards after finishing their first round of the Texas State Championships. The players and spectators uttering that phrase were of course referring to the unofficially rated 1107 round that Ricky Wysocki (#38008) threw in the persistent 30mph wind on the monstrous 21 hole layout that is Old Settlers' Park in Round Rock, TX. Even the players that came in feeling really good about their round were blown away.

Ok, maybe not everything, but it's more than fair to say that Texas can hold it's own in the disc golf world. Take a look at what's coming up in the Lone Star state in the next month and you'll understand why. In a 4 week span the state of Texas will host a National Tour Elite Series event, a PDGA Major, and a Supertour (A-tier) event.