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PDGA Media coverage, live from the Plantation Inn in Crystal River, FL

The final PDGA Major event of 2008 tees off this morning at the spectacular Plantation Golf Resort and Spa in Crystal River, Florida.

Well the day finally arrived and no one felt the excitement more than Ben Calhoun and Gregg Hosfeld as they readied themselves to complete their 1,000th course together. The weather could not be prettier. Without a cloud in sight, one can only assume the air was forecasting the flight of the discs.

A disc golf course is a disc golf course, right?  No - not really - there are thick ones and open ones, long ones and short ones, flat ones and hilly ones, easy ones and tough.  Apologies to Dr. Suess (I am a parent, obviously) - but, my what a lot of kinds of disc golf courses there are.  As the editor of the PDGA Course Directory, I see many of these differences in the text that I edit every day.  This summer I came up with the idea of listing an exciting subset of courses - The Disc Golf Adventure ones.  The notion came to me during a lucky trip to the Pacific Northwest. 

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and PDGA Europe are proud to announce the schedule of the 2009 EuroTour. The fourth PDGA EuroTour will spotlight eight leading events in seven different countries, beginning in March in the Netherlands, and culminating with the crowning of the EuroTour champions in Switzerland in October.

There are now over 2,700 disc golf courses in the PDGA course directory. How many have you played?

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is proud to announce its 2009 schedule of eight Major, 10 National Tour and 52 SuperTour events.

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2008 National Tour Points Series

The Drive for the Championship - presented by Woodchuck Cider

The PDGA National Tour represents the top tier of professional disc golf events and was established in 2003 as a means of showcasing the sport of disc golf to the general public. 

Welcome to the new website! This project has been many months in the making and has taken a great deal of time from many people. Please join me in extending our most sincere thanks to Theo Pozzy, Dave Gentry, Chris McLeod, Kevin Smith, and Todd Andrews for their dedication in getting us to this launch point.

The 2008 Microtel Disc Golfer of Distinction Awards celebrated not only disc golf, but the countless PDGA members who keep our sport going and growing. The mission of this program is to celebrate the spirit of disc golf, which is a spirit of community, friendship, environmental stewardship, personal independence, and recreation.

The 2008 United States Disc Golf Championship, in Rock Hill, SC. continues to establish itself as one of the top professional events in the sport of Disc Golf each year. This year's 10th anniversary of The Championship has ushered in a new champion among disc golf's elite, Nathan Doss.