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PDGA National Tour Elite Series Vibram Disc Golf

PDGA National Tour Elite Series Vibram Disc Golf

This weekend at Maple Hill Farm the 2012 PDGA National Tour came to a close with the Vibram Open. Using her victory at the crowning event of the 2012 PDGA National Tour as a springboard Catrina Allen secured her first Women's PDGA National Tour Championship title while 2012 PDGA World Champion Paul McBeth took home the honors in the Men's division.

The Vibram Open keeps getting bigger and better with four significant changes to the event this year.

We had an exciting day here at the 30th Annual Kansas City Wide Open, round three of the event got underway early this morning at the 6,907 foot, par 58 Rosedale Disc Golf Course. Our leader in Men’s Open, Will Schusterick, and second place Paul McBeth, were trading shots back and forth all round. On the last hole, Mcbeth tied it up to go into round three.

The PDGA National Tour Elite Series presented by Vibram Disc Golf is hitting its stride. The 30th Anniversary of the Kansas City Wide Open, brought to you by the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, will take place on Friday, June 1st through Sunday, June 3rd, in Kansas City, Missouri.

The first update of the PDGA National Tour Elite Series presented by Vibram Disc Golf.