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Match Play

Match Play

The Player's Cup Goes Weird!

In the midst of NCAA March Madness, Vibram Disc Golf is proud to present the 2nd annual Player’s Cup match play event. From October 21st to 23rd. 64 of the world’s best disc golfers will converge on Austin, Texas and compete in a six round, match play championship.

This is the Player’s Cup, The World Match Play Championship. Every shot counts.

The Final Four is set and youth is served.

Bradley Williams played flawless golf, winning six of the first nine holes over Dave Feldberg, the world's #2 ranked disc golfer. After 13 holes, it was all over and Bradley Williams was the first player to enter the Final Four.

Will Schusterick withstood a little bad luck and demonstrated that the USDGC was no fluke. He beat Ken Climo, disc golf's most celebrated champion, and may have showed the Champ that the youth revolution is upon us. 14 holes into the match, it was all over.

Will Schusterick and Bradley Williams will face off in the Final Four.

The Friday morning sun broke through the trees onto a beautiful and chilly morning. The temperature would heat up, and the play would keep pace. On this first day, our field of 64 players would be reduced to 16. The Sweet 16, to steal a phrase.

The stars are aligning on the 2010 Player’s Cup. With eight of the top ten players, this is one of the premier events of the season. Being held in sunny Ocala, FL on November 19-21, 2010, and having live video coverage with commentary from Billy Crump and Liz Carr, this will be one event you do not want to miss. If you're near Ocala, come watch in person. If not, watch online at

But first, get in on the action!

A new age in disc golf is set to begin. It will be a time when thousands of people become intimately involved in watching and caring about disc golf. People will watch and cheer and cry. The Player’s Cup will be the catalyst. Get your brackets ready!

64 Players / 6 Rounds / $5,000 First Prize

Regional qualifiers begin next week and run through September. Sign up today!

Vibram Disc Golf, in association with Sun King Disc Sports, is proud to present the rebirth of The Player’s Cup as a Match Play Championship.

March Madness reborn as a disc golf tournament.

What: The 2010 Player’s Cup
When: November 19-21, 2010