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State/Provincial Coordinator Candidates

The PDGA is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for state and provincial coordinators in the 2013 elections.

The State and Provincial Coordinators represent more than 50 key PDGA volunteer positions. Each year 50% of US State and Canadian Province Coordinators are elected. Each member's on-line ballot will only display the Coordinator race for their home state or province. If your state or province is not included in the list below, it will be on the election ballot next year. Here is the list of responsibilities for the SC position:

  • Represent the PDGA in a positive light and professional manner to members, clubs, agencies, and communities in their state or province.
  • Work with tournament directors and clubs within their state or province and in adjoining areas to schedule PDGA tour and other disc golf events.
  • Serve as state/provincial liaison to the PDGA tour manager, in coordinating the tour schedule and in addressing and resolving tour event issues.
  • Collect information, either personally or by delegating to individuals or clubs, for the PDGA Course Directory and the Course Evaluation system.
  • Promote PDGA memberships, and PDGA programs such as the Affiliate Clubs program, tournament sanctioning, Disc Golf Foundation, and EDGE to the members and potential members in their state or province.
  • Provide feedback on the annual Tour Standards to the PDGA Tour Manager.
  • Coordinate state qualification for events such as the USDGC, USADGC, and other qualified-entry tournaments.
  • Vote for and recommend candidates for select annual PDGA Awards.
  • Other duties as determined by the SC’s, the PDGA Board and staff.

Here is the list of coordinator positions up for election this year including the declared candidate(s) for each position. Terms for these positions will be September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2015 unless otherwise noted.

  • Alabama - Chris Pierce #24826
  • Alberta – Ron Falconer #23419
  • Arkansas – Doug Trantham #39739
  • Armed Forces Overseas (APO) - No declared candidate
  • California (North) - Jennifer Knisley #13273
  • Colorado - John Bird #387
  • Delaware – Jimi McIlvain #13003
  • Georgia - Keith Johnson #10444
  • Idaho – Larry Laub, II #37461
  • Indiana – Steve Boylan #6542
  • Kansas – No declared candidate
  • Louisiana – D. Allan Morrow #33006
  • Manitoba - Darin Watson #40333
  • Minnesota - Mike Snelson #9537
  • Missouri – William Nelson #13448
  • Nebraska -  Andrew Chisholm #19311
  • New Hampshire - Rob Feeney #33565, Chris Mergemekes #32714
  • New Mexico – Marcos Castillo #39338
  • North Carolina - Robert Leonard #21676
  • Ohio - Paul Jay #10227
  • Ontario – Dean Aelick #34974, Dustin Fournier #17916, Bryce Hill #37561
  • Pennsylvania - Chas Ford #12850
  • Quebec – Patrick Huot #35589
  • Rhode Island - Greg Wintrob #23857
  • Saskatchewan - Murray Gordon #19521
  • South Dakota - Scott Caesar #10282
  • Texas - Mitch Justice #15022
  • Vermont – Jeff Spring #43994
  • Washington - Mike Rideout #25724
  • Wisconsin - Terry Miller #10738

The biographies and statements of the candidates can be found here.

Please join with us in extending thanks and appreciation to all past state and provincial coordinators for their voluntary service to the PDGA and disc golf. Many of these key contributors will be seeking re-election, many others will be seeking election for the first time.

Please Vote!

When you receive your ballot in July, please take a few minutes of your time to complete and submit your ballot. In doing so not only are you fulfilling one of your basic rights and responsibilities as a PDGA member, but you are also demonstrating that the work performed by these our core volunteers is important and worthwhile, both for you personally, and for the PDGA and disc golf as a whole.

Thanks very much for participating in the 2013 PDGA Elections!

For additional information on the 2013 PDGA Election process, visit