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World and Continental Ranking Update

Ricky Wysocki takes over the top spot in the World Rankings slipping past Will Schusterick partly stemming from a dominant performance to win the recent Texas States NT. Paul McBeth moves into 3rd swapping places with David Feldberg now in 4th.

Catrina Ulibarri and Valarie Jenkins remain deadlocked atop the Women's World Rankings. It might take a Major event like the upcoming Latitude 64 Copenhagen Open the second week of May to break this tie. Paige Pierce moves back towards the top into 3rd place swapping places with reigning World Champion Sarah Hokom in 4th.

There was just enough new NT activity to update the North American Rankings. The Men's rankings echo the changes in World Rankings with Wysocki taking over #1 followed by Schusterick and McBeth. There was no change in the Women's NA Rankings with Ulibarri still on top followed by Hokom and Jenkins.

The European and Oceanasian Rankings will next be updated after the April Ratings Update once enough 2013 EuroTour and Asian events get rated.

This World Rankings update is noteworthy for who is not included for the first time since he encouraged the PDGA to create the first World Rankings in late 2005. The Champ, Ken Climo, has mostly made the transition to the Masters division with the exception of the one division USDGC where he has a permanent place reserved. Climo follows other highly ranked players like Barry Schultz who have mostly moved to Masters at least in the highest level events where a player is required to participate in the Open division so they can potentially qualify to be in the World Rankings.

The Champ, other top Masters and even Grandmasters around the World can remain in their Continental Rankings as long as they continue to enter their one Major continental event each year.