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Elections Results

The 2010 PDGA elections took place from July 1 – July 31 and have now been completed. 13,676 ballots were sent out to eligible members with 3,094 members voting, representing a participation rate of 22.6% of eligible voters.


Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is a requirement for non-profit status and is mandated by the PDGA By-laws. The PDGA Board is comprised of 7 elected members each holding two-year terms. Every year, half - in the PDGA’s case 3 or 4 - of the Board positions are up for election. In addition to semi-annual summit meetings, the Board and staff conduct monthly teleconference calls and ongoing communication to accomplish required business.

In accordance with the by-laws, three at-large Board member positions were up for election in 2010. The three candidates who obtained the most votes and who will take office on September 1 are:

Avery Jenkins

Dave Nesbitt

Cale Leiviska

State/Province Coordinators

The State and Provincial Coordinators represent more than 50 key PDGA volunteer positions. Each year approximately half of US State and Canadian Province Coordinators are elected. The candidates who obtained the most votes and who will take office on September 1 are:

Alaska - Edan Badajos

Arizona - Dan Ginnelly

British Columbia - Clint Anderson

California (south) - Suzette Simons

Connecticut - Joe Proud (write-in)

Florida - Bryan Moore

Hawaii - Steve Welck

Illinois - Brett Comincioil

Iowa - Justin McCluen

Kentucky - Josh Dobelstein

Maine - Josh Connell

Maryland - Rich Myers (write-in)

Massachusetts - Marcy Borelli

Michigan - Todd White

Mississippi - 4-way tie with 1 write-in vote each

Montana - Brian Bjortomt

Nevada - Jeff Jacquart (write-in)

New Hampshire - Rob Feeney

New Jersey - Bob Graham

New York - Doug Opiela (write-in)

North Dakota - Darrell Nodland (write-in)

Oklahoma - Michael Treat

Oregon - Dion Arlyn

Rhode Island - Greg Wintrob

South Carolina - Harold Duvall

Tennessee - James Haines

Utah - Steven Sharp (write-in)

Virginia - Bob Cannon

West Virginia - Joshua Smith

Wyoming - Steve Kowzloski (write-in)

The PDGA asks all of our members to join us in thanking outgoing board members, Rick Rothstein Cris Bellinger, and Matt Gillis, as well as all outgoing state/province coordinators, for all of their volunteer time dedicated to the betterment of the association and the sport of disc golf.

Thanks very much for participating in the 2010 PDGA Elections!