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World Rankings Update (corrected 8/24)

UPDATED (see note below): The August 2012 update for World Rankings has Will Schusterick on top for the first time, taking over the top spot from Nate Doss who slipped to 3rd. Schusterick's solid play for the past year, always being in the hunt for the top spot in Majors including a win in the recent Stockholm Open and holding the current record 1046 PDGA Player Rating, finally paid off.

Valarie Jenkins remains our #1 ranked woman in the World with Sarah Hokom jumping over Paige Pierce and Sarah Cunningham into second ranked on the strength of her exciting win at Worlds on the last throw. Jenkins hasn't dominated in 2012. But her record Women's PDGA Player Rating at 975 and ongoing success in NTs and Majors consistently makes her the target for the top women every time she plays.

Both Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki made big jumps in the top 10 to 2nd and 5th respectively based on McBeth's new World Championship and Wysocki's torrid play in the past month finishing first or second each week. There are several other big jumps and new players in the men's rankings with Matt Orum moving up 24 places to 8th, Michael Johansen debuting in 10th plus Paul Ulibarri, Jeremy Koling, Bradley Williams, Karl Johan Nybo, Gregg Barsby and Steve Rico each moving up several places into the 11-15 spots.

Note: The Ratings Team apologizes for missing quite a few players when the August rankings were first posted. We accidentally used the players entered in the 2011 Worlds instead of the 2012 Worlds when determining the list of players who should be in the rankings.