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4 Days Down, 1 To Go

It’s been an amazing week of disc golf here at the 2014 Amateur & Junior World Championships. The competition began four days ago on Tuesday July 22nd as 600+ players took to eight different courses across the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. When the final putts hit the chains today it meant the end of the tournament for nearly 70 percent of the competitors. The cuts have now officially been made leaving only the semifinals and finals tomorrow at Como Park where 13 new PDGA Amateur World Champions will be crowned.

Speaking of new champions, there were three divisions with field sizes too small to move on to the finals, meaning we officially have three new world champions to congratulate!

In the Boys 10 & Under division Pryce Bevins #62813 of Knoxville, TN competed all week against Benjamin Dresser #53954 of Kansas City, MO. Pryce managed to shoot better rounds than Benjamin each day with the highlight of the week being a 926 rated round at Bryant Lake. Congratulations to Percy and we certainly look forward to seeing both of them in their years of disc golf to come.

The Advanced Senior Grandmasters Women and the Advanced Legends Men both crowned world champions today as well. Lynda Voss #55485 took home the gold today due mostly to outplaying Lynn Nelson #61776 in their first two rounds, both of which were played at the infamous Blue Ribbon Pines. Their last 3 rounds were only separated by a single stroke.

Pete May #12700 is your 2014 Advanced Legends world champion but he’s certainly not new to having this title. In fact, this is his third time winning the title at Am Worlds in Advanced Legends and he also won Legends at the Pro Worlds in 2012. He of course turned down the cash, which is why he can still compete in Am Worlds. His victory this week was significant to say the least, beating Paul Rashaw #43540 and Art Elliot #33187 by 73 and 102 respectively.

Of the 13 divisions that remain, eight still have to play a full semifinals round in the morning followed by another cut, and then the finals at Como Park. The other five divisions will still compete in the finals at Como Park but will bypass the semifinals. All of the tentative semis and finals schedule can be seen in the tables below. 

The battle for the world title continues on for one final day with many divisions, especially the Advanced Men, being way too close to call at this point. {Insert information about live coverage availability with links}  

Semis and Finals Breakdown


All semifinal rounds start at 8:00am CDT.

Division Leader # of Players Course Tee Time
Advanced Robert Smith #55007 75 Kaposia 8:00am CDT
Advanced Women Vanessa Van Dyken #62325 12 The Valley 8:00am CDT
Advanced Masters Kenneth Tyburski #45935 25 The Valley 8:00am CDT
Advanced Masters Women Ann Lundberg #49621 8 Oakwood 8:00am CDT
Advanced Grandmasters Mike Anderson #21704 25 Oakwood 8:00am CDT
Advanced Senior Grandmasters Mark Hauser #13459 12 The Valley 8:00am CDT
19 & Under Boys Nate Corder #44800 14 Kenwood Blue 8:00am CDT
16 & Under Boys Thunder Schultz #56016 9 Kenwood Blue 8:00am CDT


All division finals will be held at Como Park.

Division Leader # of Players Tee Time
Advanced TBD 4 2:45pm CDT
Advanced Women TBD 4 2:30pm CDT
Advanced Masters TBD 4 2:15pm CDT
Advanced Masters Women TBD 4 2:00pm CDT
Advanced Grandmasters TBD 25 1:45pmm CDT
Advanced Senior Grandmasters TBD 4 1:30pm CDT
19 & Under Boys TBD 4 1:15pm CDT
16 & Under Boys TBD 4 1:00pm CDT
Advanced Grandmasters Women Lisa Gallagher #40381 2 11:00am CDT
19 & Under Girls Sai Ananda #58303 2 10:45am CDT
16 & Under Girls Valerie Mandujano #62879 4 10:30am CDT
13 & Under Boys Henry Dissell #56251 2 10:15am CDT
13 & Under Girls Lacey Brugler #41758 2 10:00am CDT

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