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Toboggan Course Front Nine Preview

This is a portion of our coverage of the Discraft Great Lakes Open a few years ago (episode 23). The action plays out over the outward nine of this highly regarded disc golf course, located in Kensington Metropark, Milford, MI. This is the lead card, final round. Highlights include Matthew Blakely's huge putt on #3, while the low point is watching David Feldberg break his throwing hand. Ouch. Not that he stopped playing, of course. But the real star of this clip is the fabled Toboggan course.

The Toboggan plays host annually to the United States Amateur National Championship, a must-play event for any up and coming disc golf player. Good play on this course is usually rewarded, and marginal shots can cost a player a lot of throws. One of the top rated courses in the country, the Toboggan is only installed for a few short weeks each year. Video of the week for 4-19-2010.