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USDGC Performance Flight Qualifying

Disc golfers with ratings ranging from 860 to 1000 found a level playing field at the USDGC Extravaganza tournament in Atlanta (May 5-6) to determine Georgia’s state spot for the USDGC Performance Flight.

In a unique twist on Performance Flight qualifying, Georgia PDGA State Coordinator Keith Johnson took the top three players from stroke play and the top three using Performance Scoring from each of the event’s first three rounds for a final round where Performance Scoring determined the state’s spot.

In the end, 994-rated Tim Ellis, of Sugar Hill, Georgia received the invite after shooting a course record 49 during the final round that put him six strokes under his projected score. Ellis also earned the state spot in 2010 when stroke play alone was the deciding factor.

Johnson found it interesting that the players entering the finals through Performance Scoring tried to push too hard at the end and lost their projected score battle, while those that qualified from stroke play were able to maintain control and beat their projected scores.

“When you play within your own game usually you play better,” said Johnson, who used a Disc Golf United spreadsheet, allowing him to share player projections before each round and give rapid results.

Johnson believed everyone was excited to attend and to learn more about Performance Scoring. He hopes to host the tournament again next year, and maybe other state coordinators will take a similar approach to determine who will represent them at the USDGC.