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The PDGA's live IPTV broadcast coverage of the 2009 United States Disc Golf Championship continues again today and tomorrow, with each day's production lasting approximately 6 hours.

  Given the popularity of the event, as well as the duration, the broadcast will feature a potent combination of 4-6 camera-coverage throughout the course, live interviews with notables from the entire disc golf industry, a long menu of interactive features through which all viewers can participate, and pre-packaged videos that feature some of the top stories emerging from this year's PDGA National Tour. 

Disc golf fans should register right now to secure their place during the Live Internet broadcast.
There is an option to register and donate to the production, which will help demonstrate to our sponsors that our disc golf community fully supports this historic effort. 

There is also an option to register and watch the event for free.

The association estimates that between 5,000-10,000 registered users from North America, Europe and Asia will click through to the live broadcast each day.  These numbers are based on analytics from,, and, as well as the number of members in the Professional Disc Golf Association and the growing popularity of disc golf around the world.

PDGA Broadcast Schedule of LIVE Disc Golf from USDGC 

FRIDAY, October 9th at 12:15 pm ET (9:15 am PT)
SATURDAY, October 10th at 1:15 pm ET (10:15 pm PT)
NOTE: All shows will be archived and available for viewing after the LIVE stream, but you will still need to register to do so. 


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