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1987 W. Canadian Frisbee Championships

1987 W. Canadian Frisbee Championships

Event Info

  • Date: 30-May to 31-May-1987
  • Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Official Results

TierClassificationTotal Players

Open (36)

1Pete Fust988474849144
1Lowell Shields687484650144
3Brad Bradness Henderson3932495250151
4B. Silvey495350152
4Don Bishop4544545147152
6Doug Newland16494955153
7James Prostka2513534952154
8Randy Silvey1004515351155
9Tom Lander1036555249156
9B. Svelnis535350156
9M. Bentley505452156
12Jerry Mentor Miller2070535550158
12R. Collins515156158
14James Anderson2986545352159
15D. Bodner565355164
16Craig Burris5242595452165
17Adam Berson5738585357168
18Gary Gregory2378585655169
18Jeff Kruger5469605653169
18S. Lewis565756169
21M. Reed546255171
22Rick Howard6853586252172
23Joe Cava4541546158173
24D. Swanson575761175
25TC Bare7909595959177
25D. Magallanes625956177
27D. Watson605960179
28Darrell Prunty2659596359181
28Doug Keating4651606259181
30T. Mcdonald646059183
31A. Fraser626261185
32E. Thompson666963198
33Ralph Williamson106158999DNF
33M. Colclough6361999DNF
33G. Burns6461999DNF
33K. Brooker6663999DNF

Intermediate (8)

1S. Leitner53530106
2M. Flack56550111
3G. Garlick61560117
4P. Warner60590119
5J. Izenhower61640125
6M. Kenny64680132
7T. Humphreys71630134
8A. Marten691000169