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Player Ratings

In Ratings School - Leagues vs. Tournaments - Part 1, we broke down the common misconception that rounds played during a PDGA League generate lower round ratings when compared to rounds on the same course during a PDGA Tournament. In Part 2 we'll be looking at average league vs tournament round ratings for players over a longer period of time that includes more than just a single course comparison. Several higher rated players have suggested that the PDGA split the Player Ratings system into two separate entities: League Ratings and Tournament Ratings.

In 2012, the PDGA began a new program called PDGA Leagues in which disc golf clubs that were already running weekly leagues at their local courses could sanction their leagues with the PDGA. Although there are several benefits to PDGA Leagues, it's fair to say that the most appealing benefit is that rounds thrown by PDGA members will be counted towards their PDGA Player Rating. However, that same appealing factor is also the one that has sparked the most common misconception about PDGA Leagues; lower ratings at PDGA Leagues vs PDGA-sanctioned events, on the same courses. 

The second PDGA Player Ratings Update for 2015 events has been published. This update includes all events received before the submission deadline of April 7th, 2015. The next submisson deadline is Tuesday, May 5th for the update to be published on May 26th, 2015.

If you did not receive credit for a 2015 event you competed in, please check the list below BEFORE contacting the PDGA Office.

In addition to trying to win events, many players are also trying to increase their Player Rating. However, once you pass a certain age, it can become a struggle to improve your rating or just hang on to the one you have despite your best efforts. So, when is that certain age (if you don't already know) when the march of time starts messing with your game, barring sickness or injury? The answers to these mysteries and more will unfold in the following analysis of player ratings gathered since 2002.

The PDGA Player Ratings were updated May 27th, 2014. The update includes all events for which a completed report was submitted by the deadline of May 6th, 2014. The next report submission deadline is June 3rd for the June 24th, 2014 publication date.

The latest update to PDGA player ratings were published on January 21st and includes all events for which a complete TD report was received by the submission deadline of December 31st.  The final submission deadline for 2013 events is January 28th for a publication date of February 18th.  The submission deadline for the first update for 2014 events is February 25th for a publication date of March 18th.

The PDGA Player Ratings have been updated as of May 21st.  These ratings include all events that had complete TD Reports submitted to the PDGA Office by the submission deadline of 5/7.  The next TD Report Submission Deadline is June 18th for a July 2nd publication date.

The most recent PDGA Player Ratings update was published on December 18, 2012.  The update includes all tournaments and leagues for which a report was received by the December 4th deadline.

The most recent PDGA Player Ratings update was published on November 13, 2012.  The update includes all tournaments and leagues for which a report was received by the October 30th deadline.

New updates posted for Ratings, for World Rankings and for Players & Rookies of the Year

Record setting performances all around. David Feldberg has now tied Ken Climo with a 1044 rating, so far the best of all time. Last update, Climo called Feldberg to let him know he was still a point short when he reached 1043. (These guys watch the ratings like a hawk.) Feldberg had to play just a little bit better including Pro Worlds and finally made it. Climo first got the 1044 rating in September 2002 and held it for the next update in March 2003. We'll see if David can hold it for at least the same time period as Climo, or perhaps, can he beat the 1044?