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We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting finish to the 2016 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship (USADGC), although we certainly wouldn’t have minded more favorable weather. With lightning delaying the event for nearly an hour in the early stages of the day, all we could do was cross our fingers and hope for smooth sailing throughout the afternoon.

“You should be writing about the minorities here,” said 26 year old Mike Conlee #41267 after his round with a smile. “Us old guys,” he said, referring to the fact that he is one of the few in the top 15 that isn’t a teenager. Going into the final round, in a similar fashion to last year’s USADGC, the lead card consists of a 15 year old, two 17 year olds, and one 18 year old.

Round 1 of the 2016 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship (USADGC) made one thing very clear - course experience doesn’t necessarily matter. All three of the competitors that are sharing the lead heading into Round 2 tomorrow have never played the Toboggan outside of a couple of practice rounds prior to the start of the event. Despite the course being incredibly difficult and unforgiving, players far less familiar with the course than others rose to the occasion, finishing their rounds at seven under par (55), unofficially rated at 1012.

It must be the first weekend in June, because here we are, back at the renowned Toboggan DGC. Playing up, down, and across what is normally only used for toboggan sled runs in the cold winters of Michigan, there’s no denying that this is one of the most, if not the most, unique courses in the Midwest. For the 130 best of the best amateur competitors that have earned the right to be here at the 2016 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships (USADGC), the steep slopes should be the least of their worries.

After three days of battling on the Toboggan Championship course in Michigan, the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft has come to an end. Even with the drastic makeover that the course took in the months leading up to the event, the scores remained much the same as they were in the years prior. In the end, it was consistent smart golf that took home the gold.

When the second round of the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft started this afternoon, we knew that the four people on the lead card probably wouldn't be the same four to start the final round on Sunday. Why? For starters, if you checked the results from round one you would have seen seen at least 20 competitors within striking distance of the leaders. And the fact that the course being played is the Toboggan Championship course only reinforced the issue.

The first round of the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship (USADGC) presented by Discraft has to come to an end here in Milford, MI on the formerly brutal Toboggan Championship course in Kensington Metropark. Over 140 of the best Ams from the United States and Canada were lucky enough to qualify for this prestigious event and they teed off, one-by-one, down the absurdly steep fairway of hole 1 to start their rounds.

Every year thousands of amateur disc golfers compete in tournament after tournament after tournament with the hopes of qualifying for the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft. Of the thousands that try, only 148 are honored with the chance to play in such a prestigious event. A victory at the USADGC is often the first major stepping stone to a successful career in the disc golf world. It brings with it the possibility of sponsorship from disc golf companies and provides the keys to many of the doors that a touring professional disc golfer needs to succeed.

When the third and final round got underway at the 2013 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft in Milford, Michigan, there were several competitors within reach of the first place trophy and the title of National Champion.  The morning began with eight players within 5 strokes of the lead, and on a course as difficult as the Toboggan, that lead could shrink in a matter of one or two holes.  This tournament had come down to the wire so many times in the 11-year history of the event; many wondered if we would see another tight race to the finish.  Minnesota’s

As day two of the 2013 United States Disc Golf Championships presented by Discraft kicked off today, the Toboggan course was at its most vulnerable state.  From the early tee times throughout the day, the sun was shining and the wind was down; perfect conditions for scoring in the second round of this PDGA Major event.  Just a week after Ricky Wysocki set the new overall course record at an astounding 50, the top rated amateurs, representing 24 states and 3 countries, have their sights set on the next hot round.  Sometimes easier said than done, however, as the r

Today was Day 1 at the 2013 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship presented by Discraft, and you could cut the tension with a knife.  A very difficult task was in front of the 143 player field.  For some, it would be their first time competing in an event of this size, while for others, it is the last step before setting off on their professional disc golf campaign.  The Toboggan course, located in beautiful Kensington Metropark in Milford, MI is truly one of the game’s most difficult courses.  Kensington Park is huge, nearly 5000 acres, and the holes at the Toboggan are just as big.  The course has a total length of just less than 9000 feet, and there is plenty of elevation change.

This weekend, only a few days after the pros were tested at the Discraft Great Lakes Open, the top-rated amateurs in the country will congregate in Milford Michigan for the 2013 United States Amateur Disc Golf Championships presented by Discraft. 144 players were invited to this year’s PDGA major event, each earning their spot at one of the qualifying tournaments leading up to the Championship.

The Discraft Great Lakes Open wrapped up today on the toboggan course in Milford, MI marking the end of the 5th event in the 2013 National Tour Elite Series. Ricky Wysocki won his 3rd NT event of the year and Sarah Hokom won her second after a 3 day battle against Paige Pierce. With those wins, they both have a nice lead in the points series with only 3 events to go.

Day 2 of the Discraft Great Lakes Open kicked off today once again on the infamous toboggan course here in Milford, MI. The forecast was predicting rain and even thunderstorms, but thankfully today ended up being precipitation free and sunny for the most part. What that ended up translating to was a whole lot of birdies from every division, and a new course record (...again).

The Toboggan Course, located in beautiful Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan is one of the game’s most challenging. Because it is temporary and usually only available for play once a year for the US Amateur Disc Golf Championships, the rough is rough and the holes are long.  This complex doubles as an actual toboggan run and ski area in the winter, hence the dramatic elevation changes.  At a modest par 62, sometimes breaking par is difficult enough.  Add in the occasional light rain shower, and it could be a recipe for disaster.  But not today.

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