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The final round of the Discraft Green Mountain Championships (GMC) went by quickly this morning as the top players from the Open and Open Women’s division took on Brewster Ridge here at beautiful Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont. This place is genuinely one of the best disc golf venues in the world. Finding anything to criticize is a nearly impossible task.

Looking back from the green on the 1150' par 5 hole 7 of Fox Run.

After the opening day in the tightly wooded course of Brewster Ridge, Discraft 2016 Green Mountain Championships switched gears and moved over to the Fox Hill course for round 2 on Friday. The two courses couldn’t be more opposite, as Fox Hill is a much more open and scenic mountain course, but there is one thing that holds true for both. They are both incredibly difficult and incredibly beautiful.

Final round drama has become somewhat of an expectation at The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft these days. Somehow, year after year, the event always finds a way to deliver. Whether it’s the sudden death playoffs of 2013 caused by a scorecard error penalty, the insane out-of-season flooding of 2014, or the huge putts by Jeremy Koling and Paul McBeth on the 18th hole to force a playoff in 2015, The Memorial Championship and Fountain Park DGC always finds a way to produce a nail-biting, adrenaline pumping finish.

All times listed below are Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Round 3 of The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft is doubly significant. First and foremost, it means the end of the event for the 300+ competitors in the amateur divisions, as only the pros play a final round on Saturday. Secondly, it means that roughly half of the 300+ competitors in the pro divisions will be awarded the opportunity to compete in said final round. With roughly half of the pro field being cut, only the best of the best will earn the right to tee off at Fountain Hills Park for one last chance to move up.

Two days down and two to go here in sunny Arizona at The Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. The A-Pool pros (Open and Open Women) took on Fiesta Lakes DGC this afternoon, a course that brings in a lot of shots that you simply won’t see at Fountain Hills and/or Vista Del Camino. With the weather being as close to perfect as we’ve ever seen on the PDGA National Tour, we expected the pros to put on a show. Thankfully but not surprisingly, they delivered.