john houck

john houck

For the first time in the history of disc golf, a three day conference about disc golf course design will be held at the International Disc Golf Center in Appling, GA. The conference will feature presentations from some of the brightest minds in contemporary disc golf course design including the likes of John Houck #1688, Chuck Kennedy #4949, Pete May #12700, and many more. 

The World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend started in 1991, when over 350 players took part in a one-day event at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. At the time, it was the biggest tournament in disc golf history. The next year, creator John Houck #1688 turned it into a global event dedicated to introducing the sport to tens of thousands of people around the world on the same weekend. At its peak, the event was hosted in almost 200 cities and 16 countries worldwide. Houck continued this tradition for 23 years, and this year marks the 24th and final event for WBDGW as it is known today.

Have you ever been accused of bringing bad weather with you everywhere you go? We have, and we’re on the verge of actually believing it. At the Memorial Championships, the final round was nearly delayed because of torrential downpour that flooded several of the holes at Fountain Hills. A few weeks later at the Texas State Championships, it was so windy that players were opting to lay up their putts even though they were only 10 feet from the chains. When we returned to Texas this past weekend for the 2014 Amateur Doubles World Championships, we wondered if our bad weather curse would continue.

The first PDGA Major event of the year is right around the corner as this weekend kicks off the 2014 PDGA Amateur Doubles World Championships! The tournament itself doesn’t start until Saturday but there are plenty of activities in the days leading up to it that make the Amateur Doubles World Championships one of the most unique and entertaining disc golf events of the year.

This inaugural Course Design Conference May 3rd-4th, 2014 will bring together several of those veteran designers you have come to know and maybe some newcomers you haven't. Some session leaders will be John Houck, Harold Duvall, Chuck Kennedy, Pat Farrell, Brian Giggey, Tim Kopacz, Allen Colp and Steve West. They'll lead both indoor classroom and outdoor course tour sessions with help from some up and coming designers from around the country and maybe overseas. Presenters are members of the 175-member Disc Golf Course Designers (DGCD) group founded by Steady Ed Headrick, John David, Tom Monroe and Chuck Kennedy. More on the DGCD below.