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PublicEarth Disc Golf Course Directory

The PDGA is pleased to let you know about a new opportunity that has come our way. A new, free website launched on November 17th – called PublicEarth – and it is a great way for people to discover cool places and interesting things to do –like play disc golf.

As a result of  a partnership agreement between PublicEarth and the PDGA, PublicEarth has created entries in their database of all of our course locations which makes these much more “findable” for folks – not only when they are looking for our courses by name, but also when they are looking for related places.

Because PublicEarth is a wiki (a publicly edit-able website of information, like Wikipedia), the site is a great tool to add and share your favorite locations, including your courses. Now that our PDGA course information is in PublicEarth, here is another great way to help promote your course.

1) Go to the PublicEarth website and find your own page. There you should add interesting information, descriptions, hours, “moods” (a way that helps your location get found), and most importantly photos. The more detailed and current the information on the page, the more Public Earth will feature specific places. It’s like a free ad – your course will really benefit by taking advantage of this.

2) Add points of interest near your course that players might also enjoy. Many will already be in the database, but some will not. Add restaurants, or parks, nice hotels if you want, candy stores and walks. By associating your location with other appropriate, interesting locations, it makes your course more attractive and findable.  If you find mistakes – pins in the wrong location, or information that’s out of date – you can easily correct these, which serves everyone.

3) If you’re suitably advanced, you can save a set of places – including your course, and make a free, custom widget out of them. This is a little map of your course and interesting related places that you can put on your own website or blog, further promoting your course. Check out the example one here: http://bit.ly/4B5NSi

You can sign up for PublicEarth (it’s free), which makes it easier to share places you find with your friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

We hope that in addition to keeping our course listings up-to-date at the course directory at PDGA.com (and improving it with photos, maps and reviews), you will also contribute to the PDGA pages up at PublicEarth. PublicEarth is a cool resource and is expected to grow and improve over time, so go visit your course listing there and contribute. It’s a great opportunity for us to be part of their new website. Spread the word to your friends!


Cliff Towne
PDGA Course Directory