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The latest World Rankings include the results from the recent Players Cup and the November ratings update. However, ratings earned in the past few weeks including the Players Cup won't be included until the January update.

David Feldberg hangs on by a thread to the top ranking over Nate Doss. After checking the numbers closely, a mistake was found yesterday in the weighting calculation for the Memorial which initially gave the edge to Nate. Once corrected, the razor thin margin barely flipped to David's favor. It is so close that had Nate shot one throw better or David thrown one throw worse at the Players Cup or even few other events, Nate would have edged to the top. That's how close these top competitors have been in their overall performance this past year. Look at the point totals for each player and you can see how close the battles are at several levels.

Valarie Jenkins held the top spot for women putting an exclamation point on a sterling season with her Players Cup win. Angela Tschiggfrie slipped past Des Reading into second on the strength of her ratings boost from the USWDGC and Players Cup finish, not included in the October ranking. Liz Lopez moved into the top ten with a fine finish at the Players Cup.