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PDGA Leagues Success in Nebraska

The small towns of Eastern Nebraska are experiencing the enthusiasm of a growing disc golf scene. Nebraska's Fall Flyover descended weekly on 8 different courses and the response has been overwhelming. Coverage has made local papers and new sponsors have responded. Most impressively, the tour has been marketed in a way to attract the casual disc golfer. Dozens of players that have never been to an organized event have experienced a taste of competitive disc golf while current PDGA members are enjoying the chance to play for a rating. Everybody seems to be coming back for more as turnouts are steadily increasing from week to week.

Ultimate Disc Store from Omaha sponsored the tour with customized Dri-Fits. A Grip EQ bag and other things are being raffled at the end of the tour. Tour Manager Aaron Brooker says, "We really wanted some of the smaller towns to realize what an asset their course is. Disc Golf is a great source of exercise and outdoor leisure. With well done events, we grow the sport at a grassroots level and leave an economic impact on the community. The goal of the Flyover has been to grow disc golf and it's so excited to see everyone come out and just play." Brooker said he contacted several park departments in smaller towns. Instead of trying to explain what a tournament could do, he asked if he could show them on a Sunday afternoon. "It's been a lot of fun to travel around and see the same friends on a regular basis."

The Fall Flyover will end in the clubhouse.  A local golf course has seen the energy and will play host to the first annual Nebraska Disc Golf Hall of Fame Tournament. The tournament will be a great way for all the new players to celebrate and learn with the 'old-timers' in the Nebraska scene.

Aaron Brooker

Highlighting the Best Athletes at our Favorite Sport.

Pictured: Nate Long, Brad Vannoy(#54113), Maggie, Veil Ericson(#51651), Kenny Witherwax(#49682)