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Prodigy Disc Golf estimates that 200 to 400 D1 Drivers were produced at 3+ grams over the maximum weight limit of 174.3 grams for PDGA Approved discs that are 21.0 centimeters in diameter. Prodigy is willing to replace overweight discs sent to vendors or already sold to players. Prodigy has been working with the PDGA to establish quality control measures that will ensure compliance with PDGA standards in the future.

It is the manufacturer's responsibility to produce discs that meet PDGA standards, but the player shares that obligation. If a disc thrown by a player is confirmed by the tournament director at a PDGA event to be over its legal weight, the thrower is subject to a penalty ranging from 2 throws to disqualification depending on the severity of the infraction. Please think twice about knowingly using overweight discs so we can keep the playing field fair for all players in PDGA events.