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The latest issue of DiscGolfer—the one just now showing up in members’ mail boxes—contains superb coverage of the USDGC by Hall of Famer Rick Rothstein. However, due to a production problem, the text is presented out of order. The story starts on page 22 and reads as it should through page 25 at which point the reader should jump to pages 28 and 29, then jump back to pages 26 and 27; and finally jump to page 30; the balance of the coverage—Rick’s interviews with winner Will Schusterick and TD Harold Duvall—is unaffected.

As the editor, I accept full responsibility for the problem and once again I promise to do better. I deeply apologize to our members and particularly to Rick, who is guiltless and whose work deserves a better presentation. The error aside, we hope that any difficulty in reading the story won’t severely harm your enjoyment of what we still believe is an excellent issue.