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Disc Golf Live Reaches Television Milestone

With a recent surge in broadcast outlets brought about through an online file sharing project, the disc golf community celebrates the 100th broadcast station to carry Disc Golf Live video magazine, a PDGA-supported television program distributed for free for broadcast on public access stations across the country.  

“In the last three months alone, over 50 stations have made use of a new file-sharing system to download episodes of the show,” says Joe Wander, producer and editor of Disc Golf Live.  For other stations, DGL DVDs are mailed to either disc golfers who submit the discs at their local station, or directly to the stations.  After years of steady growth, the show’s exposure doubled seemingly overnight, bringing disc golf to more viewers in more places than ever before.  “And we’re not just preaching to the choir here,” continued Mr. Wander, “Disc Golf Live brings our sport to established players in our viewing areas, as well as exposing the game to all kinds of folks who had never seen the game before.”

“We’ve just wrapped up our 30th show, which was mostly our own footage from the ’08 USDGC,” said Mr. Wander.  Disc Golf Live has been in production for five years, releasing six one-hour episodes each year.  Broadcast markets range from towns of a few thousand folks to metropolitan areas like Charlotte, NC.  One station in northern Michigan serves ten full counties.  There are hundreds of other community-based stations, including many in large metro areas, and most would play Disc Golf Live if a local resident takes the time to get involved and submit the no-cost DVDs. 

Disc Golf Live episodes include both in-house produced segments and pieces submitted by others.  Frequent contributors have included Billy Crump, Steve Dodge, Johnny B, and the Guardians of Recreation.  “We are all about sharing different voices, telling different stories” said Mr. Wander.  “With today’s video technology, there are all sorts of folks out there capable of putting together a nice story and DGL welcomes those contributions.”   Topics range well beyond event coverage, and have included player profiles, course tours, music videos and the occasional disc golf-themed drama.  Visit the Disc Golf Live YouTube Channel for a sampling of DGL-produced videos.

Looking ahead, next year’s episodes are being planned out already. “This year’s PDGA footage will be great for promoting next year’s events,” said the producer.  Viewers can expect to see pieces created at this year’s NT events crop-up in upcoming DGL episodes, making double use of the footage from our most prestigious events.    

Recognizing that many folks don’t have community access TV in town, DGL also offers a subscription for delivery of the Home version to PDGA members at a discounted rate of $36 per year (six episodes).  DGL is also available at low wholesale prices for TDs and retailers as player package items, CTPs, or off-the-shelf purchases.  “We welcome support from every level of the game” summarized Mr. Wander.  “Our program underwriters are recognized within each show for their support, and our Home version also includes some commercials not allowed in the broadcast version.  DGL is unique because we are working to grow the game outside of our established player base, and we can use all the support we can get.” 

For more information, visit the DGL website or contact Mr. Wander via Broadcasts “at”