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Dean's Cup Invitational at USDGC

Innova and College Disc Golf announce the first annual Dean's Cup Invitational

Last year, the Clemson University and Winthrop University disc golf teams set the tone for College Disc Golf at the United States Disc Golf Championship by competing in the first ever collegiate exhibition. The two teams were the first card to tee on championship Saturday. The newly founded Winthrop Eagles disc golf team led by Kyle Rine and Nathan Gunnels played host to the Clemson Tigers and their captain, Trey King. The teams played the course under the Team Doubles format played at most collegiate disc golf events and the National Championships. This format allows two full four-person teams to play on one card. It is a combination of alternate shot and best shot doubles that allows for the same number of throws as a card of four singles players. The Tigers won this first exhibition, but both teams were honored to play between the ropes on the world-renowned Winthrop Gold Disc Golf Course.

Innova, a long-time supporter of collegiate disc golf, was ecstatic with the product, and so were the leaders of College Disc Golf. It had to be done again. This year we are expanding on the foundation of that initial collegiate exhibition match between Clemson and Winthrop.

Deans cup 2.png

College Disc Golf and Innova Champion Discs are proud to announce the founding of the Dean's Cup Invitational to be hosted annually at the United States Disc Golf Championship. The Dean's Cup will be awarded following a two round, head-to-head match play event including four teams. The match play will be played in the same Team Doubles format. The four teams that receive the honor to play have already been invited by Innova and College Disc Golf. Winthrop University will annually serve as the host team. The latest National Champion will be the first guest team invited. This year that is the Jaguars of Georgia Regents University - Augusta. The third invitation is sent to the highest nationally ranked team in the Innova-Champion Collegiate Team Rankings, Colorado State University. The fourth team will represent the state of South Carolina. Prior to the tournament, Clemson University and University of South Carolina will play an exhibition to decide which team will be the state representative.

The competition for the Dean's Cup will take place over two days, Friday and Saturday. On Friday, the National Champion GRU-Augusta Jaguars will play against the hosting Winthrop Eagles. The top-ranked Colorado State Rams will be up against the South Carolina representative, either the Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gamecocks. The victors from Friday will play a match on Saturday, and their previous opponents will play against each other. The team that comes out on top after the two days will be awarded the inaugural Dean's Cup.

What an honor it is for these young competitors to be a part of the most prestigious disc golf tournament of the year. The USDGC has long been the greatest event in our game. College Disc Golf, the schools, and its student-athletes are immensely gracious to now be included in this event's wonderfully rich history.

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