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Best Shot, Best Courses

The 2013 PDGA Amateur World Doubles Championship, hosted by Circular Productions and the Franklin County Chamber of Commerce, kicked off on Saturday morning under cloudy and cold conditions.

The tournament had 111 two-person teams competing in three different doubles formats over two days on the John Houck designed Creekside and Lakeside courses at Selah Ranch in Mount Vernon, Texas. Despite the less than optimal conditions, the competitors remained in high spirits and hit the courses at 8:00am for their first of two rounds of 18 holes scheduled for the day.

Pool A, comprised of 36 teams of advanced players, would be challenged by a round of alternate shot doubles on the Lakeside course, while pool B, comprised of 36 teams of Intermediate level players, would be tested on the Creekside course using the best shot format.

The rain and wind came early in the round and were soon followed by a strong cell of thunderstorms passing through the area, which halted the tournament midway through the round when lightning was detected. Following the delay, the two pools were sent back out onto the courses to complete their rounds.

In the advanced division the teams of Crow/Plaze and Kemmer/Zakas took the early lead by carding very impressive 67’s on the 8.854’ par 69 Lakeside course. In alternating shot, players take turns playing one disc throughout the course. If one player makes the putt, the other player must drive on the next hole. Meanwhile the team of Jalapa/Munoz carded a 58 to grab the lead on the 9,176’ par 69 layout Creekside course using the easier best shot format, whereby both players throw from the same lie each time and choose the best shot of the two as their next lie.

Pool C, which was comprised of overflow intermediate players, the advanced women’s division, and age based advanced divisions, were scheduled for a round of alternating shot on the Lakeside course at 10:45am but their tee time had to be pushed back due to the earlier weather delay. Once they hit the course, the team of Keddington/Schirmsher came out on top by two throws in the advanced women’s division when they turned in a +4. In the Masters division, the team of Pierce/Hoff carded a +1 round of 70 to lead by two. Tabor/Curran took the Grandmaster lead with a +3.

For the first time in Am World Doubles history, a special pool was created to accommodate two teams of Legends (70 years old and older) as well as a team of Senior Grandmasters (60 years old and older). This pool played a modified format and the team of Duerksen/Norwood took a slim one throw lead after round one.

Round 2 saw Pool A move to the Creekside course for best shot, while pool B played Lakeside in alternating shot. Pool C didn’t get to start their round of best disc on the Lakeside course until late in the day due to the earlier weather delay and were unable to finish their round so they are returning early this morning to complete round 2. For complete scores on the day visit

Sundays revised schedule will see Pool A play a round of best disc on the Creekside course, while pool C finishes their round of best disc on Lakeside. Best disc is similar to singles where both players play their own disc and take the better of the two scores on each hole. At 11:30am, pool B will play best disc on Lakeside, while pool B plays best shot on Creekside. If the weather holds out, there will be a cut and a final 9 holes for each division at 3:30pm followed by the awards ceremony at 5:30pm.

Catch all of the action today via live streaming beginning at 1:00pm CST at and