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Paul McBeth and Valarie Jenkins finished great years on top of the Yearend World Rankings. McBeth won his second World title, two other Majors, best points in NT/ETs and finished with the highest rating. Only the USDGC Major title eluded him this past year. David Feldberg finished second and Will Schusterick was third barely behind Feldberg in points. Both men had top level performances in all events used for rankings.

Valarie Jenkins' year was a lesson in consistently excellent elite level play. Jenkins finished second in three Majors and third in the other. She finished second in World Rank yearend rating. Her best performance was finishing on top in the NT/ETs points calculated for World Rankings. Top pros tell you consistently excellent play is what got them to the top and is continuously required to keep them there. Paige Pierce with her second World title and two other Major wins finishes tied for second with Sarah Cunningham who finished with the highest Women's rating.

Just a reminder that the Yearend World Rankings are calculated a bit differently from the updates during a year. Updates during the year weigh more recent events a bit higher. The Yearend World Rankings weighs events earlier in the year the same as those near the end. 

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