World Rankings - Yearend 2011

Nathan Doss and Valarie Jenkins are on top of the world in the yearend rankings for 2011 based on their tournament results in 2011 and yearend ratings. Jenkins came close to a perfect world class season winning the European Open, US Womens Championship, the new PDGA Championship, several NTs and only finishing second to Paige Pierce in the World Championship to just miss a worlwide sweep. Former 2010 World Champion, Sarah Stanhope finished second, just ahead of Liz Lopez who finished just ahead of Paige Pierce, the other woman besides Jenkins who played the full slate of events included in the World Rankings.

Nathan Doss started 2011 ranked ninth, lower than he had been for a while, primarily due to his lower than expected performance in the special throw and distance format, 2010 USDGC. But during 2011, Doss built a solid resume capped with a World Championship on his home turf in Santa Cruz, CA. Doss held off second ranked Will Schusterick in key world ranking events while Schusterick showed the world his surprise 2010 USDGC victory foreshadowed a great 2011 season for this young crusher.

David Feldberg and Nikko Locastro finishing third and fourth cooled off a bit in 2011 after their nip and tuck battle to within a few throws for the yearend World Ranking title in 2010. Feldberg did win the 2011 European Open and Nikko ended the year with the highest rating and had the best world ranking performance of all men in the NT series. Top rookie candidate, Ricky Wysocki, won the new PDGA Championship with indications he'll be in the hunt for top honors in 2012.

Just a reminder that the Yearend World Rankings are calculated a little differently from the World Rankings during the year. More recent events during 2011 are not weighted a little more heavily and events normally held every two years like the 2010 Japan Open are not counted unless played during 2011 which was not the case here.

Yearend Continental Rankings are also posted. There were only a few players who had late year ratings changes by a few points. But the standings remained much the same as the recent December Continental Rankings update.

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