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We recently published some changes to the way tournament results are displayed to implement one of the most frequently requested enhancements: displaying the historical rating of a player when viewing past tournament results.

First, let's describe the three different views of tournament results:

  1. Current Registration
    • Displays a list of registered players prior to the start of an event. This view includes a players current rating, hometown, and sometimes membership and official status depending on the tier of the event.
  2. Unofficial Results
    • After an event has begun, you will see this view. It will include scores and unofficial round ratings plus prize money if provided by tournament staff.
  3. Official Results
    • This is what you see once a tournament is complete, the tournament report has been submitted to the PDGA office, and it has been processed. This view includes points, final places, prize money and, after the next ratings update, you will see official ratings.

Previously, all views of tournament results would display a players current rating no matter when the event took place. Now, the player rating displayed for Official Results is the rating the player had at the time of the event. This includes current and former members.

On the Current Registration and Unofficial Results views, the player rating displayed for active members is their current rating as has always been the case. If a player is not a current member, we do not display a rating. So, if you're an active player who isn't a current member, make sure to renew your membership today if you want to know what your current rating is.

Now you can look back and reminisce and remember what you were rated way back when. Enjoy!