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The Sorcerer and World discs from Westside Discs were PDGA Approved as of 10-28-2013.

"Westside Sorcerer is a stable distance driver that has flight ratings 13, 6, 0, 2. The upper mold of the Westside Sorcerer is the same as Westside World's. The lower mold of the Sorcerer is new. What it comes to Sorcerer's flight characteristics, some of the testers who do not have such a big arms thought that Sorcerer should be marked speed 14. Sorcerer's official speed marking is 13 but its glide is definitely better than Kings' glide so it is 6. Due to improved mold design, the Sorcerer feels different than than the King so it is not just a King with small changes but an all new disc."

"Westside World is a speed 14 overstable distance driver for big arms. Compared to Westside Giant, the Westside World gives you more speed and distance thanks to small improvements especially in the upper molds design. The Westside World is an all new mold, which means also its lower mold has some small improvements compare to previous molds. Flight ratings are 14, 4, 1 ,4." - by Westside Discs