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As previously announced, the PDGA Senior Committee, led by chairman Don Dillon, has embarked on a project to nationally reach out to encourage more members of the increasing senior population to enjoy the benefits of playing recreational and competitive disc golf. This project was divided into two parts. The first part was called the “Bottom-Up” approach where PDGA members are involved and the second part was called the “Top-Down” approach where national senior organizations are contacted and encouraged to inform their members about the benefits of disc golf. The PDGA is pleased to announce that a document has now been produced by Don Dillon to assist members in their efforts to get more seniors involved in disc golf. This document is a small booklet with 6 chapters and 2 appendixes. It is available as a PDF file for download at the link below and consists of 16 pages. We hope this will stimulate the membership into taking an active role in this significant promotion to encourage a happy and healthy senior population as well as an enhancement to the sport. Promotion to Increase Senior Participation in the Sport of Disc Golf: