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Player & Rookie Standings Posted

The Player (POY) and Rookie (ROY) of the Year candidate standings have been posted thru October 2011. Valarie Jenkins and Catrina Allen have solid leads for Woman POY and ROY, respectively. Nikko Locastro and David Feldberg are currently tied for the top POY spot with slim leads over Paul Ulibarri and Nate Doss. Richard Wysocki leads David Wiggins Jr. for ROY honors.

Note that these Best Round Rating Averages are used to determine the final candidates but are only one of the three or four additional factors used to determine the final rankings which include Worlds Average Rating, Percentage Finish and head-to-head (POY only). Doss and Pierce won Worlds and will get maximum points for that factor so that should tighten things up for POY. Wiggins finished ahead of Wysocki at Worlds so that will tighten up the Mens ROY race.

The final calculations will be made in February once the results for all 2011 events have been processed for ratings.