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Per the requirement of the PDGA bylaws, the Board of Directors provides this notification that they have scheduled a discussion regarding a possible change to the current bylaws of the organization. Under consideration will be a change in the by-laws to specify the ability of the Board of Directors to appoint a minority of the Board members as deemed necessary in lieu of elected Board members. The discussion is scheduled as part of the teleconference, which will be held on the evening of Tuesday, May 10, 2011. This provision is part of a broader effort to both diversify the composition of the Board and assure the availability of particular skills essential to the direction of our rapidly growing organization. This initiative was begun with changes passed by the Board at the recent Spring Summit, as allowed by the current bylaws. These changes include the expansion of the Board from seven to nine members, and each member now serving a three-year term in staggered rotation. In order to more effectively identify and motivate highly-qualified members to run for these essential leadership positions in the PDGA, the Board also appointed a Nominating Committee to begin work with the 2011 elections.

These changes and adjustments are intended to enhance the continuity and the knowledge base of the Board as it moves through each annual election cycle.

Published May 5, 2011 by authority of the PDGA Board of Directors.