New World Rankings Starting 2012

On the eve of the first NT of 2012 at The Memorial, we have a new look to the PDGA World Rankings. There's little change at the top since the yearend 2011 World Rankings - Nathan Doss and Valarie Jenkins are still ranked first. However starting 2012, players must have completed Worlds or two other Majors during the past year to be included in the World Rankings. A man's performance in his four best NT/ET events (three for women) does count as one Major.

Simply having a rating over 999 for men or 899 for women will not be enough any more to be World Ranked. Quite a few top rated male and female players have dropped from the initial 2012 World Rankings as a result. The good news is with the addition of the Continental Rankings last year, many of these top rated players can continue to show up in their Continental Ranking since they are or can be stars regionally even if they aren't able to perform on the world stage.

Note: Because the Continental Rankings already used this new system during 2011, the initial 2012 Continental Rankings are the same as the Yearend 2011 Continental Rankings so no new files are posted. The first World and Continental Rankings update to incorporate any results from 2012 will be in late March.

2012 World Rankings