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New Traveler & "Wedgie-B-Gone"

The Innova DISCatcher Traveler target has been redesigned - more chains and no mesh in deflection assembly - and re-approved at the Basic level. The wire gaps in the Innova DISCatcher Pro basket have been tightened up going from 12 spokes to 14 spokes to officially meet the maximum gap spec for Championship targets. In addition, the inner and outer chain sets have each gone from 12 to 14 for additional disc stopping power. It has been re-approved at Championship level as of 3-18-2012.

This improvement to reduce the chance of discs wedging in the baskets is the result of a PDGA initiative to encourage manufacturers of existing Championship targets (whose slightly larger basket gaps had been grandfathered when the target specs were revised in 2009) to tighten up the gaps in their baskets when they had the opportunity to update their designs.