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The O-Lace and unLace discs made by Vibram Disc Golf were PDGA Approved on 6-25-2013.

"O-Lace: Loving the reliability, speed, and distance of your Lace? Looking for something a bit more overstable for those forehand and overhead shots? Well look no further! We're proud to introduce the newest member of our distance driver family, the O-Lace. This overstable compliment to the Lace is able to fully handle headwind and torque, making it a valuable addition to your bag. Get ready to show people your O-Lace!"

"unLace: Introducing the newest member to our distance driver family, the unLace. It is our understable compliment to the Lace. What's the best thing about the unLace? For starters, it’s great for starters. It doesn't require big arm speed to perform. Whether you're stepping up to distance drivers, or a pro looking for a finesse driver with tons of glide – the unLace is a fun, fast distance driver! Get out there with confidence and unLace one today!" - Vibram Disc Golf

O-Lace   unlace
From left to right, O-Lace and unLace

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