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The GrowtheSport 2.0 target produced by Disc Store was PDGA Approved at the Championship level (all metal chain version) on 3-8-2017.

"Our GrowtheSport 2.0 target is a portable PDGA Championship quality 27-chain basket, for a practice basket price. Launching for a limited time at only $124.89. Hard to find a better value Championship target. Easy portability with durable structure, the GrowtheSport 2.0 target should be the choice for your next tournament, school, home or temporary course.

  • Pre-attached 27-chain target (18 Outer, 9 Inner) for easy setup
  • Course-ready, heavy-duty metal chains to catch anything
  • Easy knob bolts for tool free quick assembly
  • Reinforced structural support
  • Colorful components sealed with durable powder coat finish
  • Perfect for your temporary course, school, or home
  • Includes 4 metal stakes for optional added stability in rigorous terrain or conditions." - by Disc Store


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