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Manabu Kajiyama holds onto the top spot among the men in Oceanasia. Simon Feasey made a big jump to second with a much improved rating bumping Tetsuya Kikuchi to third. Mayu Nonaka continues to hold first among Oceanasia women followed by Yuki Fukuhara. Sachiko Sato moved from fourth up to third in this update.

Simon Lizotte, Karl Johan Hoj Nybo and Pasi Koivu continue 1-2-3 in the European Rankings. Ragna Bygde continues to hold first among European women with Camilla Jernberg edging into second this time with Angelica Frantz moving to third.

Paul McBeth takes over #1 in the North American rankings as expected followed by Ricky Wysocki and Will Schusterick. Paige Pierce takes over the #1 spot among North American women followed by Catrina Allen and Valarie Jenkins.

This Continental Ranking update does include the ranking results from Pro Worlds and the Vibram Open tour final. However, the (possibly) improved ratings some players may receive from those events will not be included until the next Ranking update after both the USWDGC and USDGC are completed.

Some players have been confused why a few players might have a higher World Ranking than their Continental Ranking. There's a fair amount of overlap with some of the same events being included in both rankings. However, for several players, they may play better in events outside their continent than at home. So it's possible that some other players in their continent did better than they did within their continent and rank better than they do when only using events played on their continent in the calculations.

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