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With the Copenhagen and European Open now on the books since the last update, the Top 10 for European Men has several changes. Simon Lizotte has passed Karl Johan Hoj Nybo to top the July ranking. Pasi Koivu and Jalle Stoor each moved up several places places. Sylvain Gouge and Patrick Berglund entered the top 10 on the heels of their results in the European Open. Seppo Paju moved up to 3rd with a solid result in the Copenhagen Open.

Ragna Bygde continues her hold on the top spot for European women ahead of Angelica Frantz. Karin Rubin was the only other woman to move up the ranks from 9th to 7th among the top 10.

Ricky Wysocki continues in the top spot for North American men ahead of Will Schusterick. Note that there were no new Major results for North American stats, just several more NTs added. The top guys all improved their NT points with David Feldberg and Nikko Locastro moving up one spot to 4th and 6th, respectively.

Catrina Ulibarri continued on top among North American women with Valarie Jenkins moving up from 3rd to 2nd. Elaine King moved up one spot to 8th and Liz Dorries moved into the top 10 in 9th.

Mayu Nonaka remains on top among Oceanasian women followed by Yuki Fukuhara. Manabu Kajiyama continues on top for Oceanasian men followed by Tetsuya Kikuchi. David Keene breaks into the top 10 in 7th tied with Dai Ooishi.

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