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Worlds Waitlist

The waitlist for the 2012 PDGA World Championships has been posted.

The waitlist only includes invited players who are both 2012 current PDGA members and Certified Officials, as is required for registration.  Many other invalid registrations have been received from players who were either a) not invited, b) not 2012 current members, or c) not Certified Officials, so those registrations are not yet included on the waitlist.  Once the necessary registration requirements are met for one of those invalid registrations it will then be added to the end of the waitlist.

At this point the Pro players should be aware that the MPO, MPM, and MPG divisions are all below 2 dozen available spots each, so those invitees that wish to play should sign up in a hurry as we are expecting to fill prior to Monday's opening up of registration to uninvited players.

2012 PDGA World Championships Waitlist