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2012 NCDGC

2012 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships

2012 Dates, Rule Changes, & Registration

It is that time of year again. Time for your team to start planning the trip to North Augusta, South Carolina for the 2012 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships. As is tradition, the tournament will be hosted the week after The Masters (ball golf) Tournament. That puts the starting day on Thursday, April 12th and play will continue through Sunday, April 15th.

We will be welcoming 40 teams from across the country to the Hippodrome Disc Golf Complex. The Hippodrome crew has been working hard adding a new 4th course to the facility and has continued to improve the three wonderful courses that were played last year.

Eight Qualifier events were held this past fall, at which ten teams earned their way into this year’s National Championships. The top 16 teams from the 2011 NCDGC had already earned their spots from their great performance at last year’s event. There are eight more Qualifier events slated for this spring, including the final chance to earn the last two bids at the National Qualifier Playoffs. The NQP will be hosted at the Hippodrome Complex on Wednesday, April 11th.

The First Flight Championships will again be held congruent with National Championships on April 12th-14th at the Hippodrome Complex.

There are a few changes to the eligibility rules for this year’s event and for next season. First, in an effort to create a rule that has distinct standards and can be more easily followed and enforced, the tournament will be utilizing the Professional Disc Golf Association’s standards and qualifications of Touring Professionals to determine ineligibility. Those players who meet the standards and qualify as a 2012 Touring Professional will NOT be eligible to participate in collegiate events.  This rule goes into effect for the 2012 NCDGC and will continue to be used in future NCDGCs. Second, the student status requirement will be changing also. However, this rule will not take effect until the 2012-1013 season and the 2013 NCDGCs. Students will need to be enrolled in at least six credit hours at the institution they wish to compete for at the time of the tournament. There will be a part-time student exemption. Students may also be eligible if they are enrolled in at least three credit hours at the time of the tournament and their total credit hours for the school year is greater than or equal to 12 credit hours. These changes have been made to improve the event and collegiate disc golf as a whole.

Lastly, to accommodate the increasing size of the event and reviewing the trends of past championships, there will be an entry fee instead of a deposit and each entry fee will include four player’s packs. The fee will be $150 per team. This will also apply to teams registering for the First Flight division. We will continue to have additional player packs available for sale at the tournament.

For all information regarding registration for the National Qualifier Playoffs and the Championship and First Flight divisions of the 2012 National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships, please visit the NCDGC website at