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Wysocki & Hokom Grab Gold at Legacy Discs Silver Cup

Photo Credit: Lauren E. Lakeberg

Allen Hermosillo #25345 was our Cinderella, our “Cindersillo”. He started the final round in second place behind the world's #2 ranked player Ricky Wysocki #38008, and Wysocki had been getting better and better throughout the tournament, carding ratings of 1026, 1041, and 1063 in the first three rounds. Wysocki seemed untouchable, especially with the four stroke lead. Surely Allen Hermosillo, the 994 rated journeyman could not challenge and push one of the sport's best. Surely he would finally crack under the pressure of the big stage that is the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Hermosillo in fact pushed happily through the pressure, opened the door wide, and smiled. On hole 8, a relatively easy par 4, which allowed 55% of the field to card birdies, Wysocki managed to miss his bogey putt and card the only double bogey of the day on the diminutive hole. Meanwhile, Hermosillo carded the expected birdie and suddenly, with just 10 holes to play, the lead was down to one. The Cindersillo story was alive and well.

Over the next five holes, Wysocki demonstrated why underdogs are underdogs and took control of the Silver Cup. After hole 8, his lead was down to one, after hole 12, it was up to five, his largest lead of the tournament, and it was time to set the cruise control along the gorgeous Rollin' Ridge course.

Many players would challenge Hermosillo for second, Michael Johansen #20300, Matt Dollar #26045, Nate Doss #11794, and Alex Geisinger #52063 were all tied with him at some point in the final round, but Cindersillo stayed focused and happy, carding a 1030 rated final round to secure his second place finish.

Doss carded an impressive eagle on the final hole to pull into a tie for second. Both players, along with Wysocki, give themselves the inside track to make the top 8 in the Pro Tour Points Series, which would give him a bye into the semifinals of the Tour Championship. Every point matters and in mid-September, we may just look back on this event and realize that Allen Hermosillo is here to play.

Congrats to Ricky Wysocki for his strong recovery after the double bogey to stake his claim and let the world know that the #2 ranking is accurate, although may actually be a bit low. :-)

Hokom Secures Victory on the 18th

The ladies went off first and set the tone for a fantastic final day at the Silver Cup. Val Jenkins #17495 started the third round with a two stroke lead over Sarah Hokom #34563 and Holly Finley #51277 a handful back. While Holly started off well, gaining a couple strokes early, she was only able to maintain the difference and ended in third place at her first Disc Golf Pro Tour event.

Through five holes, Sarah managed to gain two strokes with birdies on holes 3 and 5. Through the next 11 holes, Val went up by one, then Sarah tied it, and eventually, on hole 17, Sarah went up by one. On the final hole, Val got into trouble off the tee, while Sarah played the par five straight down the fairway the whole way, setting herself up for a birdie putt from about 35 feet away.

Val, knowing Sarah would go up and down for sure decided to run her 120 foot upshot to try to card the birdie. It was the right height, about two feet left, and Sarah Hokom stepped up to drain the birdie putt, win by two, and claim her first Pro Tour victory.

It seemed fitting that Sarah, who throws Legacy Discs, would win her first trip to Legacy Discs' Silver Cup. It was wonderful to watch her interview with Terry, as you could see the emotions of relief and elation bubbling through her infectious smile. Congrats to Sarah, Valarie, Holly and all of the great ladies that thrilled us all weekend.


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