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2018 WGE Sponsorship Opportunities

2018 WGE Sponsorship Benefits

We are looking for sponsors of all levels to provide the WGE competitors with awesome player’s packages, giveaways, and coveted prizes. Virtual discount coupons to use on your website’s shop which will drive sales directly to your company’s website. Donated virtual items may include a coupon code for a specific dollar amount off, or a percentage discount code to use toward merchandise, membership, or app. We anticipate 2,000+ players to register for the event this year with the expectation of codes being used by 25%-50% of the event registrants.

In exchange for your support, we are offering advertising on the sport’s #1 website,, as well as the PDGA’s key printed, promotional, electronic, and video resources associated with the WGE, as well as all social media presence on the PDGA Women’s Global Event pages.

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  • Pageviews: 37.8 million
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Becoming a Sponsor

The attractive sponsorship levels listed below are designed for companies to promote their products and build popularity within the 2018 PDGA Women’s Global Event and the ever-growing disc golf community. 

Please, review the Sponsorship Packages listed below and then choose a Level of Sponsorship to fit your company. Finally, submit your Sponsorship Application through the form on the bottom of the page.

1. Choose Your Sponsorship Package(s)

Virtual Player’s Pack Sponsor

Provide an Online Discount Code (% off or $ amount off) available for all registered players of the WGE to be redeemed on sponsor’s online retail store. Competitors will access their Virtual Players Pack through a hidden link on the PDGA website featuring buttons with the company’s logo or a graphic promo code on the page listed by sponsorship level, first come first serve. By clicking on the button, competitors will be directed to the sponsor’s landing page of choice. We expect 2,000+ players for the event this year and are assuming that at least 50% will take action on these discount promotions.

Event Sponsor

Donate item(s) for every Women’s Global Event (expect 60-80 events around the world) who register before March 22, 2018. Sponsor will ship all donations to PDGA Fulfillment Center to arrive by April 2, 2018 who will then ship to each individual event. Distribution of these donations to the players will be up to the Tournament Director.

Prize Sponsor

Donate prizes (min. $50 retail value total) for winners and/or Top 3 in each full division (3+ players). The event anticipates offering 17 total divisions and with 1-3 prizes per division will come to 17 - 51 prizes total. Sponsors will cover shipping for the prizes to the individual winners with addresses provided by the WGE staff after the event.

Sweepstakes Sponsor

Donate a product(s) for a Sweepstakes-style Giveaway. Sponsors would need to create a form on their website to collect email addresses from WGE participants/potential sweepstakes entrants providing all details to go along with their sweepstakes. Sweepstakes entry web page should be available 2 weeks before the event with a set deadline for announcing the giveaway after the WGE. (This is a great way to collect email addresses for future contact of interested customers).

Giveaway Sponsor

Donate physical products or vouchers for a free item (min. $100 total value) on your website and the WGE staff will use this item for promotion through social media contests. Winners will be chosen and announced through the WGE social media pages. WGE Staff will collect the winner’s contact information, and sponsors will cover the shipping costs to the individual.

2. Choose Your Sponsorship Level

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

Benefit Platinum Gold Silver Supporting
Virtual Player's Pack Advertising Button Largest Size Graphic with Placement at Top of Page Medium Sized Graphic wit Placement in Middle of Page Small Sized Graphic with Placement Lower on Page Company name listed in Text at the bottom of the page.
Featured on the WGE Website through Large Logo Medium Logo Small Logo Linked Linked Text only
Special Announcement Post on All WGE Social Media Outlets X X X X
Logo on Official WGE Flyer and Scorecard X X X X
Featured in Promotional Videos X X X  
Included in DiscGolfer Magazine Advertisement (Spring ’18) X X    
Featured on the WGE Facebook and Twitter Cover Photos X X    
Company Name Included in All Official Event Announcements X      
Has Permission to Print and Sell WGE Branded Mercha ndise X      
Donation Amount Needed: $20,000+ virtual or $10,000+ retail value of items donated $10,000+ virtual or $5,000+ retail value of items donated $1,000+ virtual or $500+ retail value of items donated $100 retail product of items donated

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