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Windy Winners

Day two of the 2013 PDGA Amateur and Junior World Championships led players into an all day celebration of the sport we all love so much. Yesterday was the day for players to test every aspect of their skills in mini-games that dominated the athletic field of Emporia State University. On the field events day we find out who is the best putter, has the longest drive, and who has the best all around skilled shot selection.

The day itself provided a difficult environment to test the best of the players’ abilities. A steady 20 mph wind blasted the open field occasionally sending gusts of over 30 mph while players participated. It was an absolutely perfect day to discover who is the best in the world.

As players approached whichever game they wanted to tackle a festive selection of tunes was provided to enjoy the activities. The putting section showcased a difficult challenge at all hours of the day. The long drive competition was set on a banner lined fairway that gave players plenty of area to pump a good shot. The final choice was the skill shot course. It was tricky in all fashions and provided a difficult array of shots for players to tackle.

The Putting Competition was set on a portion of the field containing several groups of trees, a water hazard, slight elevation change, and wind. A diversity of baskets checkered the field and tested players on accuracy, consistency, and technique. It held players to low scores all around. In fact, the winning round of the day was a tie between advanced men competitor Nicody Tucker of Tulsa, OK and advanced senior grandmaster Vicente Trujillo of Lubbock, TX. Both gained 21 out of 54 possible points. Trujillo was on one of the first cards of the day to attempt the difficult course and set the bar early. His early start gave him the upper hand as winds were the least powerful in the morning. Only one person could catch him for the remainder of the day but none could pass him. The closest score was a slim 3 point margin while the rest struggled to gain any ground on Trujillo’s early lead. On the women's side of the competition Ania Knapinska of Port Saint Lucie, FL was granted the 2013 Advanced Womens World Champion title with a score of 13 beating her closest competitor by four points and sending her on a comfortable path to be a world champion. Her round was late in the day with the wind at full force testing her on every aspect of the putting game.

The Long Drive Competition offered players with a wide lane lined with PDGA and Dynamic Discs banners. These banners marked the inbounds area of the field and gave players a true fairway feeling. A lone field goal post stood in the center of the field marking the 400 foot mark. Distance Marks streaked the center line marking goals for players to achieve.  With a steady tail wind flowing over the players shoulder an element of technique was required to gain maximum distance and also provided a challenge to all competitors. Today, Cory Obermeyer of Emporia, KS conquered the field sending one of his shots a strong 570 feet. This shot set his name in the books as the 2013 Advanced Men Long Drive World Champion. His shot was uncontested in length as no one else in the competition broke the 560 foot mark. In the womens side of the competitiion Anna MacLeay of Arvada, CO sent her longest shot a solid 382 feet earning her the 2013 Advanced Women's Long Drive Champion title and set her well above the rest. Her closest competitor fell 30 feet short of that mark and gave her a comfortable lead throughout the day.

The Skillshot competition was a true test to the shot selection of every player who participated. It was also the largest of the events with over 150 registered competitors involved. It tested players in approach shots through obstructions using different tools of the game. Players were throwing forehand rollers, upside down shots, obstructed approaches, and much more. In the end of the field events day junior Jacob Files of Spring, TX found himself on top of the leader board overall. On the womens side of the competition Nicole Cazares of Houston, TX held on to a slim margin of victory as scores came trickling in. At the end of the day she walked away with the 2013 Skillshot Advanced Womens Champion title and gained her first world title of 2013.

Today players gather at the Granada Theater in Emporia, KS for their players meeting at 7:00 p.m. Here all aspects of the week’s events will be outlined and any questions will be answered.

For more information on the week’s events as they unfold check in at Also, be sure to check out the event photos at the PDGA Tour Flickr feed.